HANSAmed Geitslich

Regenerative Medicine for Greater Quality of Life

Geistlich Pharma is specialised in biomaterials for the regeneration of bone, cartilage and tissue and develops and manufactures medical devices and pharmaceuticals with the goal of giving patients a better quality of life.

The products are marketed by the company via more than 60 distribution partners worldwide as well as ten affiliates: UK, Germany, Italy, France, China, Brazil, South Korea, North America, Australia and India.

The company has a global workforce of around 500. With the pioneering products Geistlich Bio-Oss® and Geistlich Bio-Gide®, the company has decisively shaped the market for regenerative biomaterials for decades.

More than 160 years of expertise in the processing and refinement of bone, cartilage and collagen

Geistlich Pharma is a Swiss company, owned by the family Geistlich with its headquarters in Central Switzerland in Wolhusen and in Root. The company is part of the Geistlich Holding. Since the business was established in 1851, Geistlich has developed its expertise in the processing of bone and tissue.

“Our goal is to give patients back some quality of life.”

Paul Note, CEO Geistlich Pharma
The close collaboration with scientists and researchers plays a decisive role in the development of the products. Geistlich Pharma is organised into three business divisions: Geistlich Biomaterials (dental medicine), Geistlich Surgery (orthopaedics and traumatology) and Geistlich Medical (pharmaceuticals and supplementals). The company is entirely privately owned, enabling it to think and act with the long term in mind.
Geistlich Pharma has its Headquarters in Wolhusen in Central Switzerland close to Lucerne.
Geistlich Pharma has a second site in Root in the canton of Lucerne.
Geistlich Pharma delivers solutions of high swiss quality.


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