High Standards of Safety in the Production Department at Geistlich Pharma

Geistlich Pharma manufactures its biomaterials for the regeneration of bone, cartilage and tissue in its own production department at the company’s headquarters in central Switzerland. The entire production process is subject to the strictest safety standards and quality checks: from the selection of the raw material suppliers to the delivery of the end products. Safety during the manufacture of the products is guaranteed thanks to extensive hygiene measures in a sophisticated zone system with different safety levels and permanent controls.

Control of the material to be bottled
The membranes are packed in blisters.
Control of the material in the vials
Sealing of the vials


“The entire production process is subject to the strictest safety standards and quality checks.”

Egon Biedermann, Quality System Manager


High Swiss quality thanks to qualified employees and state-of-the-art technology

Geistlich Pharma places particularly high requirements on its employees and the technical equipment for the production of the biomaterials. The company is therefore continually making investments in the initial and further training of its specialists and in its production systems. The equipment also bears testimony to the high Swiss quality. The machines are developed in part by the company itself and thus meet the individual requirements of the company as well as the latest technological standards. In the future too, Geistlich Pharma wants to guarantee its customers the well-known Swiss quality and is therefore putting its long-term faith in Switzerland as a production site.

Trust is a good thing, but control is unbeatable

To safeguard the high quality and safety, the company opts for a large number of controls in addition to its qualified employees. All Geistlich products are individually subjected to another visual check by trained specialist staff, in addition to the automated checks, before they are sterilised in the blisters. The entire manufacturing process is done under one roof in Switzerland.


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