Aminogam® Gel

Aminogam® Gel facilitates rapid regeneration of oral tissue and maintenance of the ideal moisture conditions to promote re-epithelization of the affected area.4

IndicationsAminogam® Gel is indicated for use with

  • Oral surgery (protection of surgical and suture wounds),
  • Extractive surgery (regeneration of the alveolous and prevention of post-extractive alveolitis),
  • Regenerative, periodontal and implant surgery,
  • Pre-prosthetic and orthodontal surgery,
  • Major and minor laser surgery,
  • Orthodontic and prosthetic traumatic situations,
  • Protection of vital tooth stumps in patients with fixed prosthesis or with dental hypersensitivity
  • Ulcerous boils of the oral mucous (auto-immune, vasculitic and infective).
Aminogam Gel

User Benefit

Aminogam® Gel provides a protective action, promoting fast healing of ulcerative and erosive lesions, and oral wounds.

Aminogam® Spray aids the process of tissue regeneration, favouring rapid recovery to areas of injury along with simultaneous reduction in pain.

Aminogam® Mouthwash facilitates the oral tissue regeneration process, promoting the physiological re-epithelialisation of injured areas. It exerts a protective nature, favouring the fast recovery of areas of injury and simultaneous reduction in pain.

The overall benefits to users are – Rapid wound closure and healing

  • Accelerates wound healing in elderly and improve quality of life
  • Rapid healing of soft tissue even in open healing
  • Reduction in degree of mucosal defect after surgery
  • Reduction of time between surgical procedure and suture removal
  • Decrease in post-operative pain
  • Decrease in use of NSAID (pain killers) after surgery
  • Decrease infection
  • Decrease in infection and related complication

Handling and Instructions

Aminogam Gingival Gel is an invasive medical device which is intended to help the cellular reintegration process in order to promote the rapid healing of ulcerative and erosive lesions and wounds.  

Aminogam Gingival Gel comes in a package of 15 mL tube

Instructions for use – wash your hands thoroughly before each application, apply a layer of gel on the effected area, massage it with finger so as to spread the gel over the area. Continue the application for three to four weeks until the symptoms have disappeared.  


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