HANSAmed Geistlich Mucograft Seal

Geistlich Mucograft® Seal

Geistlich Mucograft® Seal is a 3D collagen matrix specifically designed for soft-tissue regeneration in the management of intact extraction sockets. Its unique properties make it ideal for ridge preservation when combined with Geistlich Bio-Oss Collagen®.

Geistlich Mucograft® Seal minimizes resorption of the ridge following tooth extraction in sites with preserved alveolar buccal walls.1-3 Subsequent soft-tissue quality and maturation at 8-10 weeks allows greater flexibility in the timing of implant placement.4

The combination of Geistlich Mucograft® Seal and Geistlich Bio-Oss Collagen® provide the ideal solution for the successful management of extraction sockets.

User benefits:

  • Faster wound healing1,2 and tissue integration.2,3
  • Natural color and texture adaptation.1,3
  • Simple application and shorter procedure times.
  • Ideal when paired with Geistlich Bio-Oss Collagen® for early implant placement.
  • Geistlich Bio-Oss Collagen® and Geistlich Mucograft® Seal preserve significantly more bone volume than spontaneous healing.1

Geistlich Mucograft® Seal consists of two structures: the compact macro-structure provides stability while allowing open healing, and the spongy micro-structure that supports blood clot stabilization and ingrowth of soft-tissue cells.


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CAUTION: Federal law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a dentist or physician.
For information on indications, contraindications, precautions, and directions for use, please refer to
the Geistlich Bio-Oss® and Geistlich Bio-Gide®. Instructions for use at: www.geistlich-na.com/ifu


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