Ultracaine D

Ultracain® D – Special Access Program

What is Ultracain D?

Ultracain D (does NOT contain epinephrine) is also called articaine HCl anesthetic injection.

HANSAmed Limited can import and distribute it under the special access program (SAP) with Health Canada.

What is the Special Access Program?

Health Canada’s special access program considers requests for access to drugs that are unavailable for sale in Canada from practitioners treating patients with serious or life-threatening conditions when conventional treatments have failed, are unsuitable or unavailable.

How is Ultracain D (articaine HCl anesthetic injection) Ordered?

The doctor who wishes to administer Ultracain D must complete the forms attached and send them to the special access program at Health Canada. Health Canada will approve the request and send a document to the submitting doctor, and HANSAmed Limited. Only then can the doctor order Ultracain D through HANSAmed Limited.

Please ensure to plan for this order in advance (30 days).

As this anesthetic does not contain any vasoconstrictor, you will see a significantly extended shelf life.

Health Canada, Special Access Program:

website: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/dhp-mps/acces/drugs-drogues/index_e.html 

email: [email protected]


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