HANSAmed Utracaine Syringe Uniject KS

Ultracaine® Uniject K-S Syringes 


The injection of local anesthetic drugs is part of a daily routine in the dental practice. Syringe selection is crucial for the practitioner to avoid inadvertent cases of local anesthetic drug injection into the bloodstream.

HANSAmed offers Uniject K-S syringes with the following product range:

  • Uniject K-S self-aspirating syringe
  • Uniject K-S syringe

Both the Uniject K-S S-A Syringe and Uniject K-S syringe are stainless steel syringes. They ensure smooth injections and effective aspirations. Both syringes are autoclavable and are made in Germany.

ultracaine Uniject KS

User Benefits of Uniject K-S Syringe

The Uniject K-S syringe is specifically designed for Ultracaine’s unique stoppers. The unique three pivot able (swing-in and out) aspiration hooklets at the end of the plunger provide stable anchoring in the hollow Ultracaine® stoppers. This ensures smooth injections and effective aspirations. The Uniject K-S syringe is different than other aspirating syringes – it is not engaged with a harpoon but with little hooks that connect to the dimple walls of the Ultracaine® stopper.

User Benefits of Uniject K-S Self-Aspirating Syringe

The self-aspirating mechanism works by a little bump on the inside of the syringe compressing the diaphragm of the anesthetic cartridge during injection. When the pressure of injection is released, there is relaxation of the diaphragm, thus creating negative pressure. Instead of this syringe using a harpoon for aspiration, there is a different mechanism that creates negative pressure to allow for aspiration.

Please note:
The Uniject K-S syringes are not mandatory for use of Ultracaine®


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