HANSAmed Limited

HANSAmed Limited is a specialty pharmaceutical and medical device distributor serving the needs of the Canadian dental community. We strive to focus on meeting the specialized education and product-related needs of an abundance of different dental professionals.

We strive to actively provide the community with the latest knowledge about the benefits of using our products and services for both dental professionals and patients. We take pride in our work and encourage every opportunity to challenge ourselves to achieve excellence. At HANSAmed, we want to bridge the gap between the dental professional and patient by providing answers to dental-related ailments as well as the available procedures and products to tackle them. As the patient, you can be left feeling confident knowing that the products being used during your dental procedure are safe, effective and of high-quality.

One of HANSAmed’s newest products includes BioGaia Prodentis: the probiotic for oral health. These mint-flavoured lozenges promote exceptional oral health by providing the mouth with Lactobacillus reuteri – which is a beneficial bacterium that is ready to fight off harmful bacteria in the oral cavity. Through the HANSAmed patient portal, patients that are eager to improve their oral health can purchase BioGaia Prodentis lozenges themselves!