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HANSAmed has a passion for dental and healthcare. We are always willing to make a difference in the lives of those most deserving of our care.

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Global Kindness Foundation
Dr. Hussein Mohammed

Treated orphans and single mothers in Iraq. Approximately 700 people received full mouth treatment. 109 volunteers participated in the project.

Health Outreach Dentistry
Dr. William Kerr

774 people received dental treatment. 7 Canadian volunteers took part in this project.

Empower Global Inc.
Dr. Hambly

800 people were supported with dental treatment in Haiti. There were 10-12 dental staff involved in the project.

Semiahmoodental Outreach
Ken Stone

Treated 500-700 children.
The number of dental staff involved was 64 people.

Rotary International Organization

Humanitarian missions we supported last year.