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Scientific News 2020

February 2020 - Regeneration Issue

Effect on wound healing of a topical gel containing amino
*Hyaluronic acid: Perspectives in dentistry. A systematic review

AMINOGAM® GEL Allows Faster Wound Healing after Oral Surgery

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January 2020 - Pain Management Issue

Alternative techniques for the failure of conventional inferior alveolar nerve block

Immediate-type allergic reactions to local anesthetics

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Scientific News 2019

December 2019 - Pain Management Issue
  • Efficacy of articaine vs lignocaine in maxillary and mandibular infiltration and block anesthesia in the dental treatments of adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Strategies to manage patients with dental anxiety and dental phobia: literature review
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November 2019 - Use of Probiotics and Oral Health
  • Use of Probiotics and Oral Health
  • Simplified nonsurgical treatment of peri-implantitis using chlorhexidine and minocycline hydrochloride
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October 2019 -Medical Emergencies Issue

Management of Medical Emergencies in the dental office

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September 2019 - IPAC Update

Updated! IPAC Dental Checklists

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July 2019 - Periodontal Issue

The limitations of SRP: Scaling and root planning (SRP) is essentially the deep cleaning of the area below the gum line to combat periodontal disease.

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Array analysis for T-cell associated cytokines in gingival crevicular fluid: Identifying altered profiles associated with periodontal disease status.

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May 2019 - Local Anesthetics Techniques Issue

Evaluation of Three Block Anesthesia Methods for Pain Management During Mandibular Third Molar Extraction: A Meta-analysis

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Is the Vazirani-Akinosi Nerve Block a Better Technique Than the Conventional Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block for Beginners?

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April 2019 - Infection Prevention and Control

Infection prevention and Control,
are we doing it right?

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Did you get a Positive Biological Indicator?

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February 2019 - Periodontal Issue
  • The Perio-Systemic Connection: According to the American Academy of Periodontology “Several research studies have suggested that periodontal disease is connected to a variety of other diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis.

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  • Periodontal disease and atherosclerosis: Strengthening the oral-systemic link

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January 2019 - Pain Management Issue
  • Efficacy of articaine infiltration versus lidocaine inferior alveolar nerve block for pulpotomy in mandibular primary second molars: A randomized clinical trial

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  • Anesthetic efficacy of 4% articaine and 2% lignocaine in achieving palatal anesthesia following a single buccal infiltration during periodontal therapy: A randomized double-blind split-mouth study

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e-Gen News 2019

July 2019 Issue

The efficacy of a porcine collagen matrix in keratinizedtissue augmentation: a 5-year follow-up study

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Geistlich Fibro-Gide® vs. the leading acellular dermal matrix

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April 2019 Issue

Geistlich BIOBRIEF: Soft-Tissue Augmentation in theEsthetic Zone

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The History of Geistlich Fibro-Gide®

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January 2019 Issue
  • Geistlich BIOBRIEF – Immediate Mandibular Molar Transition

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  • News You Can Use – Introducing Geistlich Fibro-Gide®

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  • Guidance By Geistlich – Geistlich Bio-Oss Collagen® Reshape Your Bone Substitute Procedures

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Scientific News 2018

November 2018 - Periodontal Issue
  • Enhancing the Value of Scaling and Root-Planing

  • Clinical and microbiological effects of probiotic lozenges in the treatment of chronic periodontitis.

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October 2018 - Osteology Issue
  • Osteology Symposium 2019

  • Press Release

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September 2018 - Medical Emergencies Issue
  • When Every Minute Counts, All Automatic
    External Defibrillators Are Not Created Equal

  • Outdated EpiPen and EpiPen Jr autoinjectors: Past their prime?

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August 2018 - Pain Control Issue
  • A comparison of two anesthesia methods for the surgical removal of maxillary third molars: PSA nerve block technique vs. local infiltration technique

  • Efficacy of exclusive lingual nerve block versus conventional inferior alveolar nerve block in achieving lingual soft-tissue anesthesia

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July 2018 -Periodontal Disease Issue
  • New Periodontal Disease Classification

  • Adjunct Treatment for Patients with Chronic Periodontal Infection

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June 2018 - Infection Control Issue
  • Infection Prevention & Control in
    Dental Settings Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • IPAC checklists for dental office practice

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May 2018 - Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office Issue
  • Emergency kit and protocols for dental offices.

  • Protocols in medical emergency situations in the dental office

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April 2018 - e-Gen News
  • Ridge Augmentation and Delayed Implant Placement on an Upper Lateral Incisor

  • Two NEW ways to Guide your Success

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March 2018 - Infection Control Issue
  • Hand hygiene practices in a dental teaching center: Measures and improve.

  • Hand hygiene; Bring on the Alcohol Rubs.

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February 2018 - Periodontal Issue
  • Minocycline containing local drug delivery system in the management of chronic periodontitis: Arandomized controlled trial.
  • The Effects of Smoking on Expression of IL-12 and IL-1β in Gingival Tissues of Patients with Chronic Periodontitis.
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January 2018 - Pain Management Issue
  • Comparison of articaine and lidocaine for buccal infiltration after inferior alveolar nerve block for intraoperative pain control during impacted mandibular third molar surgery.
  • Onset and duration period of pulpal anesthesia of articaine and lidocaine in inferior alveolar nerve block.
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Scientific News 2017

October 2017 - Regeneration Issue

Lateral Ridge Augmentation Using Autogenous Block Grafts and Guided Bone Regeneration: A 10-Year Prospective Case Series Study
Dr. Vivianne Chappuis, Dr. Yeliz Cavusoglu, Dr. Daniel Buser, Dr. Thomas von Arx

Guidance By Geistlich
Geistlich Guarantee

News You Can Use
Osteology Symposium

Upcoming Educational Events

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September 2017 - Medical Emergencies Issue

Chlorhexidine Gluconate May Cause Allergic Reactions

Infection Prevention and Control FAQs

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August 2017 - Pain Management Issue

The Effectiveness of Articaine and Lidocaine Single Buccal Infiltration versus Conventional Buccal and Palatal Injection Using Lidocaine during Primary Maxillary Molar Extraction: A Randomized Control Trial
Naveen Kumar Reddy Kolli, S. V. S. G. Nirmala, and Sivakumar Nuvvula.

Extraction of permanent maxillary teeth by only buccal infiltration of articaine.
Somuri AV, Rai AB, Pillai M

Comprehensive Education for Restoration of Dental Implants

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July 2017 - Regeneration Issue

The influence of peri-implant keratinized mucosa on brushing discomfort and peri-implant tissue health
André B. Souza, Mariana Tormena, Flávia Matarazzo, Maurício G. Araújo

A randomized, controlled, multi-centre clinical trial of post-extraction alveolar ridge preservation

Visiting a Cell Laboratory
An Interview with Dr. Paul Buxton

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June 2017 - Regeneration Issue

Geistlich Mucograft® for the treatment of multiple adjacent recession defects: A more “palatable” option
A Case Report by Dr. Daniel Gober

Peri-Implantitis: Current Concepts for Diagnosis and Treatment
On-Demand Webinar by Dr. Joseph Fiorellini

Osteology National Symposium 
State-of-the-Art Regenerative Therapies:
Enhancing Success Around Teeth and Implants

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May 2017 - Medical Emergencies Issue

The ability of Dental Students to Deliver Oxygen in a Medical Emergency Thao T. Le, B.S., D.D.S., Erica L. Scheller, B.S., Harold M. Pinsky, D.D.S., Stephen J. Stefanac, D.D.S., M.S., and Russell S. Taichman, D.M.D., D.M.Sc.

Does a dental practice have a common law duty to have an AED available? 
Debra Ford

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April 2017 - Pain Management Issue

Advances in dental local anesthesia techniques and devices: An update 
Payal Saxena, Saurabh K. Gupta, Vilas Newaskar, and Anil Chandra

Variant Inferior Alveolar Nerves and Implications for Local Anesthesia
Kevin T. Wolf, Everett J. Brokaw, Andrea Bell, Anita Joy

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February 2017 - Periodontal Issue

Comparison of Periochip (chlorhexidine gluconate 2.5 mg) and Arestin (Minocycline hydrochloride 1 mg) in the management of chronic periodontitis.
Jhinger N. Kapoor D. Jain R

Defining periodontal health
Angelo Mariotti  and Arthur F Hefti

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January 2017 - Pain Management Issue

Articaine. The Best Choice of Local Anesthetic in Contemporary Dentistry.
By: Nizharadze N, Mamaladze M, Chipashvili N, Vadachkoria D.

Efficacy and Safety of Articaine Versus Lidocaine for Irreversible Pulpitis Treatment: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials. 
By: Su N, Li C, Wang H, Shen J, Liu W, Kou L

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