Omnia® Standard Surgery 2 Emergency Protective Kit​

The Omnia® Surgical Kit Line offers convenient, pre-assembled procedure kits that provide your surgical team with the sterile disposable devices needed for most dental surgical procedures.
Omnia® Surgical Kits are designed as the ideal solution for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Periodontists, Implantologists and General Dental Surgeons. Driven by a focus on safety and protection, Omnia® has supplied innovative, functional and reliable products to dental surgeons and their patients for more than 20 years.

Omnia® now supplies the needs of dental surgeons in more than 40 countries around the world

OMNIA® Standard Surgery 2 Emergency Protective Kit​ includes:

  • 2 Expo Model Gown,surgically folded with 2 hand towels
    wrapped in medical paper (51.22″-130cm) M/L
  • 2 Operator Caps
  • 2 Face masks 3-ply
  • 1 Absorbent/Liquid proof drape (19.7″x19.7″) (50X50cm)
  • 1 Fluid-Repellent drape(52.4″x78.8″) (133x200cm) with self-adhesive off-center opening (2.36″x3.55″) (6x9cm) and loop
  • 4 Adhesive film(7.88″x7.88″) (20x20cm) 2CROSS20
  • 1 Liquid proof main cover for instrument table (31.52″x47.28″) (80x120cm)
  • 1 Waste bag
  • 3 Absorbent/Liquid proof drape with self-adhesive side (19.7″x29.55″) (50x75cm)
  • 25 Folded compresses (2″x2″) (5×5 cm), 4-ply NWF
  • 8 Sponges (4″x4″)(10×10 cm) with 4 layers NWF
  • 2 Dental swab(5.91″)(15cm)wood+cotton White
  • 1 Yankauer suction tip
  • 1 5.91″-15cm long Split Air Saliva ejector with welded cap
  • 1 Patient cap
  • 4 Omni sleeve sheath (47.28″x2.76″) (120x7cm), with inserter
  • 1 Headrest cover
  • 1 Transparent cover(15.76″x19.7″) (40x50cm),with self-adhesive side for physio-dispenser or control unit
  • 2 Disposable kidney-shaped dish or bowl
  • 1 Or Towel
  • 1 Wrapping drape (57.13″x63.04″)(145x160cm)


  • Optimize working time and costs
  • Improve efficiencies in the operating room
  • Create an optimal working environment
  • Allow you to focus on the patient
  • Single sku tracking of the sterile components


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