Omnia Irrigation Line Sets for W&H based drilling units

OMNIA® Irrigation Line Set for NSK Based Drilling Units


The hose of the irrigation line is produced in constant section, realized to be used in medical field with characteristics of elasticity, high flexibility and transparency, so that the eventual passage of air bobbles in the water can be clearly observed. The hose is 230 cm long and its diameter is 1,5x3mm.


The roller, a flow regulator by means of a roller, is mounted after the perforator and is used to regulate or stop the flow of the solution. The flow regulation is assured by the roller itself. When sterile liquid cooling bags of ½ litre are used, it is suggested to open all the roller as the flow tends to decrease with the consumption of the coolant liquid.


The tip is inserted in the final part of the phisiodispenser, and it comes with a practical cap which helps the connection of the irrigation line on the hand piece, allowing to connect Omnia irrigation lines with all the cooling needles used to cool the hand pieces, often having different diameters.


The peristaltic pump hose section is in soft silicon and allows an accurate flow and long duration of usage. The length of the peristaltic pump section varies according to the different Phisiodispenser, to adapt each irrigation line to the different peristaltic pumps available on the market.


The first part of the irrigation line is constituted by the perforator. The perforator is suitable to punch the cap of the coolant liquid, is supplied with an air filter, which looks like a cap to be opened and closed in order to increase the flow of the liquid


The tap is used to regulate the flow, and allows to have an optimal control on the flow of the liquid. The tap is present only in irrigation lines REF. 32.F0139, 32.F0159 and 32.F0171.


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