Optim Wipes HANSAmed

How clean is clean? Check out this test.

HANSAmed Limited conducted a cleaning test and our findings are quite surprising. As it turns out, disinfectants are not all the same. All products have different specifications such as contact times, bacterial targets and active ingredients. This information is usually in the fine print which often accidently gets missed. There is no one to blame on this matter as it is a common human error to skim on the fine print. So, what we have done at HANSAmed, is an experiment testing cleaning efficacy.  Using OPTIM wipes, CaviWipes, TB Minute Man, Sani-Cloth PLUS and Ultra Swipes we compared its ability to clean contaminated tiles. Using one wipe per tile, one hema-stick per tile, a 2-3-minute contact time and saline to hydrate we are able to detect each products ability to remove organic debris.

The results may or may not surprise you too. The test confirms that clean is not relative.

Watch the video to find out.