About Lighthouse®

LIGHTHOUSE is another HANSAmed exclusive product. The LIGHTHOUSE medical emergency kit is designed to assist clinics in overcoming a basic medical emergency in their dental office.  According to the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) each individual dental clinic is required to have the following 6 medications: oxygen, epinephrine, nitroglycerin, diphenhydramine or chlorpheniramine, salbutamol inhalation aerosol, and ASA. HANSAmed proudly holds the necessary licensing for selling and distribution of the medications.

The emergency drugs should have current dates and be stored in a readily identifiable and organized fashion (e.g. labelled trays). Each medication comes with a different expiration date which, we understand, can be challenging to monitor. Fortunately, LIGHTHOUSE comes with an assurance plan. Once you purchase one of our three LIGHTHOUSE kit options, the responsibility to track, monitor and replenish your medications are put on the HANSAmed team. HANSAmed will individually replace the drugs prior to expiration ensuring that the kit is always current and up to date.

HANSAmed Limited will supply your clinic with quality medications that are quick, safe and easy to administer. With HANSAmed on your team, you and your emergency kit will be prepared to save a life.


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