Emergency Kit Resuscitator Mask

Emergency Kit Resuscitator Mask

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An emergency kit resuscitator mask is also referred to as an ambu bag or a bag valve mask (BVM). This medical airway device provides assisted ventilation to individuals who are no longer breathing or are experiencing breathing difficulties. When using the emergency kit resuscitator mask, it must be compressed in order to deliver a volume of air into the lungs.

The emergency kit resuscitator mask is disposable and is intended to be used by trained personnel for supporting patients with oxygenation failure.


  • Pull on both ends of green resuscitation bag to unfurl into operating position
  • Attack face mask to patient valve
  • Attach reservoir bag to intake port
  • Attach oxygen tube




Emergency Kit Resuscitator


Emergency Kit   Resuscitator

Patient Age

>10 years

1-10 years

Patient Weight

>66 lbs.

22-66 lbs.

Mask Size

#5 cushion mask

#1 cushion mask

Bag Volume

1,500 mL

900 mL

Oxygen Reservoir Volume

2,900 mL

2,900 mL

Storage Temperature

-40 °C to 60 °C

Product Shelf-Life

3 years


Only to be used by or under supervision of personnel thoroughly trained in the techniques by CPR and according to their standard operating procedures

When not using supplemental oxygen, remove the oxygen reservoir to maximize refill times

Always check for proper function of resuscitator

Single patient use. Do not autoclave, gas or chemically sterilize. 


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