Lighthouse™ Online Training Modules

You can save a life with the right training before the event happens in your clinic

Lighthouse™ Standard Emergency Kit

1 Lighthouse™ provides dental clinics with vital medications, convenience, peace of mind and training to assist all dental staff in becoming equipped to handle a medical emergency in the office. With licensing and approval from Health Canada, we are able to provide clinics with quality medications to help you save a life.

2 Guidelines have been established to help doctors and staff members adequately prepare for the immediate and effective management of life-threatening situations

3 The Standard Medical Emergency Kit is our second most premium emergency kit. The Standard Medical Emergency Kit holds medications primarily for adult and geriatric patients. Apart from the junior EpiPen®, the Standard Medical Emergency Kit is equipped the same as the Deluxe Medical Emergency Kit . Much like the Deluxe kit, the Standard  Medical Emergency Kit includes 4 seats to our online medical emergency in the dental office training webinar. Upon completion our training webinar, participants are granted 2 CE credits

The Standard Emergency Kit is our second most premium Emergency Kit. It is designed and created for clinics treating adult and geriatric patients only. The Standard Kit includes 4 seats to the online training modules (2CE credits per seat). As an owner of a LIGHTHOUSE™ Standard Emergency Kit, you are automatically enrolled in a program called “Automatic Replenishment”. AUTO-Replenishment service helps you to have the required and up to date drugs readily available. HANSAmed tracks, monitors, and replenishes each individual medication in your LIGHTHOUSE™ Emergency Kit prior to expiration. This service guarantees your medications will remain current and up to date. With a LIGHTHOUSE™ Emergency Kit, you are always prepared to save a life! 

 Features & Benefits: 

  • Compliant with Provincial regulations  
  • Auto Replenishment and Medication Monitoring Service 
  • Longer Shelf Life 
  • Simplicity and confidence  

Key points: 

  • Open your LIGHTHOUSE™ kit and familiarize yourself with its contents 
  • Determine if you need additional medications such as naloxone, flumazenil, or extra EpiPen® auto-injectors 
  • Book a date for your staff to review and complete the online training 

LIGHTHOUSE™ Medical Emergency Kit contains: 

(According to each Provincial governing body, all dental clinics are required to follow medical emergency guidelines) 

  • 4x LIGHTHOUSE™ Online Training course (2CE credits per seat) 
  • 1x EpiPen® Adult 0.30 mg 
  • 2x Atropine 0.6 mg/mL 
  • 2x Epinephrine 1 mg/mL 
  • 2x Diphenhydramine 50 mg/mL 
  • 1x Salbutamol Inhaler 100 ug 
  • 1x Aspirin® 81 mg, Quick Chews 
  • 1x Insta-Glucose® 31 mg 
  • 2x Ammonia Inhalants 
  • 1x Nitroglycerin Pump Spray 0.4 mg 
  • 2x Antiseptic Swabs 
  • 1x CPR pocket mask 
  • 2x BD Eclipse safety syringes 
  • 1x Red case 
  • 1x Foam lining 


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