Lighthouse™ Drug Disposal Service

Expired medications should be destroyed.

How are you currently disposing of your clinics expired medication?

  • You are required to hold and maintain many different medications to keep the dental clinic running. But what happens when these medications expire?
  • Expired and unused prescription medications are often left lying in medicine cabinets, cupboards, and preassembled kits. This leads to potential misuse and abuse.
  • HANSAmed Limited has developed a simple and environmentally-friendly service program to benefit you, your clinic and the environment.

Do not flush expired medications

Do not throw out expired medications

The LIGHTHOUSETM drug disposal service will provide clinics with:

  • Proper environmentally friendly disposal of expired medications
  • A safe and easy alternative to flushing, pitching or using the pharmacy
  • Peace of mind that you can responsibly and conveniently manage your pharmaceutical waste

The LIGHTHOUSETM drug disposal service is ideal for all dental offices.

Help HANSAmed be the change and be the solution to a healthier environment

We will dispose:

  • Expired/unused medical emergency medication
  • Over-the-counter medications 

LIGHTHOUSETM Drug Disposal Service Details:

Upon medication replenishment, you will receive an empty box which is to be filled with your expired/unused medications.


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