LighthouseTM Medical Emergency Medication:

Ammonia Inhalants 0.3 mL 

Guidelines have been established to help doctors and staff members adequately prepare for the immediate and effective management of life-threatening situations.

With HANSAmed being the sole provider and distributor of LIGHTHOUSETM across Canada, we have developed different solutions to accommodate all dental clinical medical emergency needs.

Ammonia inhalants: a respiratory stimulant used for inhalation to treat vasodepressor syncope.

Syncope is the action of fainting when the body overreacts to certain triggers, such as the sight of blood or extreme emotional distress. This leads to reduced blood flow to the brain, causing loss of consciousness.

According to Dr. Stanley Malamed’s survey of “Emergencies in private practice dentistry”, syncope accounts for 50% of medical emergencies.

The LIGHTHOUSETM medical emergency kit is a lifesaving investment and includes 0.3 mL ammonia inhalants in all LIGHTHOUSETM emergency kits.

0.3mL Ammonia Inhalants
0.3mL Ammonia Inhalants


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