LighthouseTM Medical Emergency Medication:

Insta-Glucose 40% 31 mg  

Guidelines have been established to help doctors and staff members adequately prepare for the immediate and effective management of life-threatening situations.

With HANSAmed being the sole provider and distributor of LIGHTHOUSETM across Canada, we have developed different solutions to accommodate all dental clinical medical emergency needs.

Hansamed Insta-glucose
Insta-glucose 40% 31gm

User Benefits

Insta-Glucose delivers fast-acting, rapidly-adsorbed glucose.

When the amount of blood glucose (sugar in blood) has dropped below target range (less than four mmol/L), it is called low blood glucose (sugar) or hypoglycemia.

Insta-Glucose comes in a tube containing 24 grams of cherry flavour jelly. 


Hansamed Lighthouse Insta-glucose
Insta-glucose Handling
Hansamed Lighthouse Insta-glucose
Insta-glucose Handling
  • Twist-off cap and squeeze tube for fast, easy use.
  • Always ready and easy to use anytime, anywhere.
  • Pre-measured to ensure an exact amount of glucose.
  • Easier to swallow than tablets, without the time delay of dissolving.
  • Convenient room temperature storage.
  • Bring tube to mouth and squeeze slowly and evenly, swallowing entire contents.
  • If no response after 10 minutes, repeat with more.

The LIGHTHOUSETM medical emergency kit is a lifesaving investment and includes Insta-Glucose 40% 31 mg in the LIGHTHOUSETM basic medical emergency kit and LIGHTHOUSETM medical emergency kit


Epinephrine 1mg/mL single-use vial, while it does not contain chlorobutanol, must be diluted before intraocular use.

Incorrect Locations of Injection

Injection into the anterolateral aspect of the thigh (vastus lateralis muscle) is the most appropriate location for administration because of its location, size, and available blood flow. Injection into (or near) smaller muscles, such as in the deltoid, is not recommended due to possible differences in absorption associated with this use.

  • Do not administer repeated injections of epinephrine at the same site, as the resulting vasoconstriction may cause tissue necrosis.
  • Do not inject into buttock:
    • Injection into the buttock may not provide effective treatment of anaphylaxis.
  • Do not inject into digits, hands, or feet:
    • Epinephrine is a strong vasoconstrictor. Accidental injection into the digits, hands or feet may result in loss of blood flow to the affected area and has been associated with tissue necrosis.


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