OPTIM 33TB wipes: What makes a disinfectant stand out?

As a dental assistant of many years, I have been exposed to different protocol for cleaning and disinfection. I have never questioned anyone’s process until I did some deep research through HANSAmed’s educational portals on different types of disinfectants. I learned many things about disinfectants, but one thing that really stood out to me was that they are not all the same. With so many cleaning and disinfecting products on the market, HANSAmed feels its part of our due diligence to explain why OPTIM is such a quality and premium product.

Let’s start with the solution its self. According to SciCan, OPTIM has “The perfect balance. No compromise between safety and efficacy.” OPTIM 33TB are different from those on the market because of the active ingredient: 0.5% hydrogen peroxide, which leaves no active residue after wiping and remains wet for the said contact time of just one minute. Try it yourself. Take an OPTIM 33TB wipe and a competitor wipe and swipe two separate parts of the operatory counter top and time it. OPTIM will remain wet for at least 1 minute and will even last up to 3 minutes. Competitors “claim” do the same, but that is not always the case.

OPTIM is a highly effective cleaner1. It is a one-step solution. OPTIM removes organic debris while disinfecting at the same time, therefore, it is considered a “one step cleaner and disinfectant”. Most competitors are two step solutions. (Cleaner and disinfectant in two separate steps – and don’t forget about the contact time in between steps). This means you will need to use twice the number of wipes (which is not cost effective) and twice the amount of time (which is also not time effective). One wipe is used to clean organic debris then another wipe to disinfect the area.  Another great fact about the OPTIM wipes, they cover twice as much area compared to leading competitors.

OPTIM wipes are a known as a broad-spectrum disinfection. This means it can kill off many different types of germs, viruses and bacteria in a timely fashion. OPTIM has a fungicidal claim of 3 minutes. People tend to focus on the 3-minute fungicidal claim but let’s be realistic – in dentistry, how often do we treat fungus? We are more interested in cleaning and disinfecting mycobacteria, non-enveloped viruses and enveloped viruses such as TB, polio, hepatitis A & B and HIV, to name a few. Let’s reconsider and focus on what is being destroyed under the one minute claim.

Now, let’s talk about the safety of the product. How would you like to work with a product that has NO warning signs, NO toxicity, NO skin irritation, NO eye irritation or respiratory irritation? Remember, as dental professionals, we are using cleaning and disinfecting wipes all day long– between every patient we see in every single operatory of the clinic.  This means you will be inhaling the fumes the disinfectants lead off which may be harmful to you, the patient and the environment. With OPTIM 33TB, consider yourself safe. OPTIM has no GHS hazard pictograms, no signal words or statements on the bottle nor on the SDS. OPTIM is also compatible with a wide range of materials within the dental operatory.

When purchasing a disinfectant, please consider the following questions:

  • Is it a 1-step or a 2-step cleaner disinfectant?
  • What is the contact time?
  • Which bacteria/viruses are being killed?
  • Is it safe for me and those around me?
  • Is it time and cost effective?
  • Does it have scientific clams proving its efficiency?
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  1. John Molinari, PhD. “OPTIM 33TB Cleaning Study”, Ann Arbor: Dental Advisor, 2010.