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Going to the dentist can be stressful. What can happen? What if something goes wrong and there is an emergency? Rest assured all practicing dentists are licensed under the Canadian Dental Association which regulates emergency preparedness in their Clinic. All dental professionals are required to participate in annually or bi-annually CRP training as well as being equipped with the right medical emergency medications. This is where LIGHTHOUSE plays an important role.

LIGHTHOUSE is a brand owned by HANSAmed limited. LIGHTHOUSE is part of our emergency preparedness line that assures clinics are current and up to date with emergency preparedness medications according to their governing body requirements.

When clinics purchase a LIGHTHOUSE medical emergency kit, it comes with all necessary items and equipment to overcome a basic medical emergency within the clinic as well as assurance to both the patient and the clinician.

How does the LIGHTHOUSE automatic replenishment program promote patient safety?

HANSAmed’s automatic replenishment program with LIGHTHOUSE kits ensures that all of the life-saving medications are up to date, safe, and ready to use in the case of an emergency situation in the dental office. As the patient, this gives you peace of mind and assurance during every visit to your dental clinic.

Each medication in the emergency kit holds a different expiration date. For a dental professional, it is hard to track these dates to keep them current as they are busy with other priorities within their practice. To help clinics in this respect, HANSAmed Limited takes on this responsibility.  In addition to HANSAmed Limited selling the medical emergency kit, we track each individual medication in the kit, monitor the expiration dates and replenish the medication prior to expiration. This ensures the kit it current and up to date should it ever be needed in an emergency situation.

Each medical emergency kit is part of a batch production which has a unique batch code. This code helps HANSAmed Limited in tracking each clinics expiration date. This also helps in case there is a drug recall.  A drug recall is the most effective way to protect the public from a defective or potentially harmful product. A recall is a voluntary action taken by a company at any time to remove a defective drug product from the market. 



Expired medication: HANSAmed Limited strongly believes in waste management and is part of a waste management program to help keep our environment safe. It is not recommended to flush expired medications or throw them in the regular garbage either. On that note, HANSAmed Limited provides the dental clinic with a drug disposal box that is to be shipped to our head office to dispose the mediations properly. HANSAmed Limited proudly donates $1 of every drug disposal sale to support pharmaceutical waste programs.

Items in the LIGHTHOUSE medical emergency kit

Drug name:



Life-threatening allergic reaction

EpiPen® Jr.

Life-threatening allergic reaction


Life-threatening allergic reaction


Mild allergic reaction


Asthma attack


Heart attack


Bradycardia (slow heart rate)


Low blood sugar

Ammonia Inhalants


Necessary items




Alcohol prep pads


CPR Pocket mask


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my dentist has a LIGHTHOUSE medical emergency kit?

Ask to see it and ask if the medications are up to date before your procedure starts.

I am not a dental professional, but how can I purchase a LIGHTHOUSE medical emergency kit?

Unfortunately a few of the medications in the kit require a prescription and therefore we cannot sell to the public

What if the dentist does not have a LIGHTHOUSE kit?

It is a Canadian requirement for all dental clinics to have an Emergency Kit. If your clinic does not have LIGHTHOUSE, they are still required to have their own. However on LIGHTHOUSE, their kit will be kept up to the standard

Does the kit contain first aid items?

The LIGHTHOUSE medical emergency kits are different from a “first aid” kit and therefore do not contain first aid items such as band-aids and arm slings

Who decides which medications are required in the kits?

The Canadian Dental Association provides dentists with the list of required medications

What happens if there is a medical emergency while I am at the clinic?

Each dental professional is trained on emergency preparedness and will handle the emergency with the LIGHTHOUSE kit as well as oxygen. An ambulance will be called and all patients are warned that emergency responders are coming

What if the emergency happens to me at the clinic, even if I am not the patient?

The dental staff will handle the emergency in the same fashion whether or not you are the patient.

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