HANSAmed Extraction Socket Management

Advanced Approach

Delayed implant placement

Delayed implant placement is associated with good quality bone that is fully functional at time of implant placement.

Day 0 after 3 months * Hämmerle C. et al., ITI Consensus Statement FDDH; EM: supplementation.

**Definition of an intact extraction socket varies among clinical experts and includes buccal bone defects of 0 to 50%.

“Socket grafting with Geistlich Combi-Kit Collagen promotes the maintenance of the ridge profile for future restoration.”

Prof. Maurício Araújo, Maringá, Brazil

Case by Dr. Stefan Fickl, Würzburg, Germany

Clinical situation day of surgical procedure prior to tooth extraction.
Bio-Oss Collagen® placed in extraction socket.
Geistlich Mucograft® Seal in place prior to suturing.
Clinical outcome 6 days post-operative.
Clinical situation 4 months post-operative, prior to implant placement.
Placement of the implant.
Final restoration 11 months after tooth extraction.

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