Socket seal

After tooth extraction, a ridge preservation procedure can compensate resorbed hard tissue1,2 and thereby reduce the number of secondary augmentations at implant placement1.

Sealing an extraction socket with Geistlich Mucograft® Seal can further improve soft-tissue parameters in extraction sockets with preserved buccal walls3. The round matrix provides an alternative to free gingival punch grafts.

Clinical case: Early implant placement with socket sealing for improvement of soft-tissue parameters.

Clinical situation before extraction.
Extraction socket with de-epithelialized wound margins.
Extraction socket filled with Geistlich Bio-Oss Collagen®.
Extraction socket filled with Geistlich Bio-Oss Collagen® and Geistlich Mucograft® Seal and sutured with single-interrupted sutures.
3 days after extraction and treatment with Geistlich Mucograft® Seal.
Pre-operative clinical outcome 10 weeks after extraction, prior to implant placement.
Radiograph 10 weeks post implant placement.
Radiograph of implant in place after 10 weeks.

Case by Dr. Raffaele Cavalcanti, Bari, Italy

The use of Geistlich Bio-Oss® Collagen and Geistlich Mucograft® Seal minimizes invasion and maximises soft-tissue outcomes3

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